DeSantis Brags About Florida Budget That Includes Billions in Federal Funds He Opposed

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He also vetoed funding for mental health services for survivors of the Pulse shooting…


Democrats need to start publicizing the voting records of these pieces of.. in the most aggressive and public way possible. Every little they vote for needs to be public knowledge to the highest degree possible while they’re engaging in gaslighting and sedition against the entire country.


I live in Jacksonville, a city with fiscal issues left, right, and center. Our zoo is one of the most cherished locations in the city, and the animals are treated extremely well. They were hurting quite a bit last year, and had to be closed for several months due to COVID. The public here in the city rallied around them and helped raise about a quarter million dollars to keep the zoo afloat. $200,000 of that budget was supposed to go to this zoo. DeSantis cut it. All of it.


Sounds about right.


Nothing scarier than an intelligent person with ambition and no moral foundation.