Do you think Disney would issue a cease and desist order if someone tried to establish Jedi as a religion using the old canon as historical texts and utilizing famous Jedi as saints of sorts, why or why not?

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There’s a jedi church in Holyhead wales. The guy is famous for trying to sue a supermarket and being hit over the head with a metal cruch by a guy claiming to be Darth Vader. Disney are yet to bother him.


When I was in training in the Navy, there was a guy who would walk around base wearing a brown cloak. His official dog tags had his religious preference as “Jedi”. People would laugh at him, and he would legitimately get them formal punishments for making fun of his religion. Crazy how far some fans go.


If they stopped a dad from putting a Spiderman grave stone for his child they’ll most likely do this too


Jediism and Jedi Realism is already a thing. Check out the wiki r/Jediism for a few of the organisations.


If it grew large enough to get their attention, I think Disney would absolutely attempt to stop it. Whether this religion actually qualified as copyright infringement is very case-specific, but they would be able to bankrupt the leaders of the religion in court fees before it even got to a ruling against them.