Don McGahn Should Have To Testify About Everything He Did for Trump

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A lawyer who was working for the federal government, doing a federal government job, being paid with tax dollars should have to tell Congress what he did for that money? Yes. Yes he should.


He got his SCOTUS and other judges through. Maybe he can spill his beans and still know he single handedly changed history.


If you’re thinking anything of substance will be revealed from his testimony, I have a winning lottery ticket to sell you. “I don’t know, I can’t recall, Executive Privilege.” He’s a fucking crook and a traitor. Change my mind.


McGahn was to testify before the House behind closed doors last week. I wonder what came of that? ​ UPDATE: it’s happening today, right now.


Should have yes. But Democrats don’t have a backbone so they, once again, acquiesced to what the Republican wanted. Witnesses shouldn’t have a say in what they testify on. Apparently that only applies to Republicans.