Engineers create a programmable fiber that contains memory, temperature sensors, and a trained neural network program for inferring physical activity

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Next step is making a towel that can sense dryness but then he’ll develop a drug problem and the government will try to turn him into a super weapon. Would probably make for a good book, actually.


I’ve briefly worked with inferring actions and activity from a smart watch, very basic stuff like detecting running, walking, eating or smoking. Just using the small gyroscope and accelerometer inside the watch you can gain SO much information about a person’s eating, drinking or smoking habits, and lifestyle habits in general. We need to be VERY careful with stuff like this because it’s very easily abusable by companies that want to gain information about you and sell you stuff based on that. You can predict so many things about a person’s life based on their physical activity, there were studies that tried to guess whether a person was feeling depressed based on data from their smart watch. The two things seem to have no relation whatsoever, but the results were pretty shocking iirc.


Next step will be transferring that data to cloud, and thats when the big tech companies will have the data about your perspiration rate as well. Either way, they havent mentioned the cost of such fabric and how poor countries would afford this


As a mountaineer, I can’t wait to see how this tech will integrate into sportswear and technical clothing. I’m thinking base-layers that control body temperature and perspiration or emergency garments that send a call to Mountain Rescue if you become unconscious / suffer trauma. It could have interesting military applications like instantly deploying an anesthetic or coagulating agent if shot or severely injured.


can this be used in a future Apple watch? take your temperature through the watch perhaps, i wonder.