Europe risks being ‘left out’ of space race with US, China, says space boss

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Let’s have a meeting in 2022 about how we’re behind in this race.


Hm, I don’t know. Space Boss is not going to be very happy about this…


>“The U.S. and China will not stop investing in space, they have identified it as a strategic element,” said Aschbacher, stressing that Europe needs a clear investment plan for space projects, covering everything from developing reusable rocket launchers to plans for a secure communication satellite network promoted by the European Commission, along with potential new missions to the moon and Mars. Why is it necessary replicate the exact things that the U.S. is doing? I, for one, would rather see someone develop a robotic repair/refueling system for Space Telescopes. Both the U.S. and E.U. build a lot of telescopes that cost billions and are only useful for like 2.5 years (Spitzer) ect. Look how far we’ve gotten with Hubble, but that required expensive manned repair missions, and we don’t even have that capability now. It would also a huge step in constructing things in Space, Space Manufacturing, etc..


They’re not “left out” if they’re the perennial number three. All contributions to this field are valued. It would be nice to see Europe play a big part though.


Maybe, but the US and SpaceX are willing to share a lot more than China is. Also, the Chinese government is horrible and should be overthrown. Why work with them when you can work with your long-time ally?