“Ever noticed how Atheists seem to support Transgender rights, Gay pride, freedom of speech, women’s rights to abortions and the separation of church and state?”

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Gosh. It’s almost as if other people were real and had actual feelings and existences of their own…


Lol he thought he was insulting atheists?


So in other words, Atheists are empathetic and care about their fellow humans. The fact your father said it in the way he said it, makes him the reason people run away from religion. It makes him the problem with religious people being attacked for their belief (yes there are extreme atheists).


When you base your morality off of empathy instead of a book written by Bronze age goat herders who didn’t know where the sun went at night, that is the natural result.


Yep, it’s absolutely terrible to treat people kindly no matter what. Monsters is what athiests are. It’s weird how much more like Jesus athiests are than actual religious people.