‘Five-alarm fire’: Liberals use Jan. 6 panel blockade as rallying cry to abolish filibuster

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2021 -Joe Biden Becomes President -Senate Democrats urge to remove filibuster – Mcconnell Threatens to block democratic agenda if Dems remove filibuster – Dems Keep filibuster and offer Republicans some power sharing – Mcconnell Publically announces how he is going to block the Dems agenda – Dems introduce bills that help the people and the country – Mcconnell repeately blocks Dems agenda For GODs sake, remove the filibuster, Mcconnell did what he threatened anyway, so WHY ARE WE KEEPING IT!


They don’t even have to get rid of it, just require debate. The GOP doesn’t even want to discuss the insurrection in Congress. Let’s make them at least work for it.


Even if this Senate got rid of it the next Senate could bring it back. This doesn’t have to be some deeply philosophical debate. The issue is actually very flexible. Let’s get rid of it and the Senate can readdress the issue again after the 2022 midterms next year.


>”In the face of Republicans’ inability and unwillingness to defend our democracy, it is clearer than ever that the filibuster needs to be eliminated,” reads a letter dated Thursday, led by Fix the Senate Now and co-signed by Indivisible, March For Our Lives, Our Revolution, the Sierra Club and other groups.


And should. That blocking of the Jan. 6 commission was disgraceful.