Funny how complaining about gays is just religious freedom but if the reverse is done about religious people or religion it’s ‘Christian oppression’ or ‘Islamophobia’

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If God made all of us and he hates gays then why does he make gay people? And why does the religion that says “love thy neighbor” promote hatred toward gay people? Shit makes no sense


> I hate that some how just saying ‘it’s my religion’ makes thoughts ok. Yup. I had a discussion with a Catholic on this sub a few weeks ago who claimed he doesn’t dislike LGBT+ people personally but that his god says they are sinners. He didn’t understand that he himself is condemning them by proxy using a god because his god and sin and sinners don’t exist except in his head and in the heads of other religious people.


The longer I live by an evidence based worldview the more exasperated I get by magical thinking.


I was banned from r/politics for making a similar observation, specifically regarding Islam. Because, you know, if you point out a divisive religion that opposes human rights is harmful to society, that’s totally racist! There are deluded religious apologists everywhere, as you might expect a thousand years after these religions violently conquered the planet and tortured anyone who didn’t comply to death.


It’s insane. They are the dominant religion of the west and cry so hard when they are criticized. They will even resort to asking their god for your death because of your criticism.