Generally speaking, Zombie movies take place in a Universe where zombie movies don’t exist.

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This is way too true. In every single zombie movie EVER, the protagonists and other characters run around like “something is seriously wrong with Mr. Jenkins! He tried to bite me, and everyone is acting real strange.” Hordes of mindless people walking down the street and eating each other. The new iPhone must’ve come out in these universes, but no one knows what the fuck Resident Evil is.


And the writers call the zombies literally anything but “zombies” “Walkers” “biters” “shamblers” STFU they’re zombies you fucking dorks


“What’s happening?!? Dead people are running around eating people! What do we do!” “I don’t know man, lets try shooting them 15 times everywhere *BUT* the head!”


They should make a zombie movie where zombies are part of pop culture but every hing people thought they knew about zombies was false.


Why is this reassuring?