GOP Ballot Audits Aren’t About Overturning the Last Election. They’re About Overturning the Next One.

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The Big Lie is entirely about that. Nobody believes that Trump will be declared victorious, they just need an excuse to win by legal cheating next time.


2024 is going to be a shit show


> Democracy dies in darkness. Nope, in broad daylight. Half the country cheering it on.


Without voting rights reform passing, some of these states will be legally able to set aside the votes of the people and replace them with their choice. They wanted to do it in 2020 and they couldn’t but now some of them can, and they will. They absolutely will. There is no way to emphasize how important it is that we nix the filibuster and pass voting reform. Get ready people in those states, to elect a Dem and have it thrown out because your Republican state legislature wants the other candidate. They suppress the vote AND have plan B now. I’d be protesting if it were my state.


> But the self-fulfilling logic of intentionally and erroneously sowing doubt about an election and then using that doubt to justify dissecting it to the point of abstraction, allows you to draw whatever conclusions you want from the data. No, it allows fucking morons to believe what they want. Facts are still facts.