Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping suspect Barry Croft Jr. doesn’t want the world to hear him talking about how God told him to commit an act of terrorism, or his intent to kidnap Michigan’s governor

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As a Michigander, can’t say I’m surprised that this asshole was motivated by “god” to do this


But he was so proud of all that stuff…


Why be embarrassed? If God is speaking to him well that’s the most amazing revelation in the past several thousands of years of human history. I want to hear the details, this could change my life, and yours and all of ours!


It used to always be “the devil made him do it”. Seems like the teams have switched places.


Any idiot who says God told them to do this or that are cowardly cop outs. They think passing the blame to some imaginary entity will let them off the hook and if they’re still held responsible for their crime, than it’s a religious discrimination thing.