High Protein to Calorie Ratio foods

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In no particular order; Chicken, tuna, beans, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, tofu, eggs whites, chickpeas, lentils, tempeh and lean meats.


Protein powder is always an option.


Low fat cottage cheese is my go to. Idk about the rest of the world, but in Belgium here, they are like 64 cents for 500 grams and they have 235 kcal with 40g of protein. So 160/235 kcal come from protein


Everyone has had great suggestions and covered everything I would food wise. So I want to add another side note about this since I just did something similar. I recently was told I wasn’t eating enough protein. I was a bit taken back thinking how the $!$&”?/& do I do that while dealing with calorie counting. I also exercise 2 hours a day (walking, sports, weight lifting…just generally staying active). I didn’t realize how much more active I was then most people since I also have a sedentary job. What I noticed in the last couple of weeks since increasing protein, i am eating more, feeling more full, and losing weight. For the first time since I started calorie counting (years…) I broke 150 lb consistently and it’s still going down. Before that it fluctuated like crazy! Plus I dropped another belt notch. If your calories go up a bit due to protein intake, it may not mean weight gain depending on what you’re doing. Focus on lean meats or high protein veggies. Also, I also started incorporating more veggies into my diet which helped offset some of the calories in my meals. Again, I totally thought I was eating enough veggies before….guess not. So if you’re concerned about calories and increasing protein, find ways to cut from other places too if needed. If you find yourself struggling to stay below your calorie count, maybe look at other places where a light salad would help cut calories. In the end, if you’re eating more protein to build muscle, you may be fine with eating more calories to get there. This week I finally decided to try protein shakes. Before that I would not do them out of fear of increasing my calories. And I kept telling myself that I would rather eat a meal, then a protein shake. But it’s better than most snacks I was eating before. Just some thoughts on what you may be going through right now.


Chicken breast & egg whites are just 2 examples.. Of high percentage of protein vs fat. All Proteins have 4 calories per gram All Carbs have 4 calories per gram All Fats have 9 calories per gram If you read labels just multiply number of grams by calories to give you a breakdown of calories by percentage of protein/ fats/ carbs