Hobart Uber driver dies two days after being shot in the head, aunt says

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Carjacking is really some lowlife shit


robbery-turned-shooting, Like how much cash do you think an uber driver had? Most tips are electronic. So this man died for less than $50.00.


This is so very heartbreaking. Those thieves stole the father of those children. They deserve prison for the rest of their lives.


Sigh. It’s a damn dangerous profession driving strangers around.


This happened in my town (Chicago), and I want to provide some context. Cicero, the neighborhood where the victim was murdered, is bad. Real bad. Cab drivers in Chicago don’t go to Cicero. If you hop in a cab, and shout out an address like the one that this man was killed at, the cab driver will say “fuck off” and force you out of the cab. This is all kind of tribal knowledge in Chicago. The victim was from Indiana, and drove up to do rides for extra money. My best guess is that he wasn’t aware of what Cicero is, given he did not live here. I’m also guessing that the Uber app didn’t have a warning pop up saying “WARNING: Bad neighborhood. GTFO.” Please don’t confuse this as victim blaming. It isn’t. The victim is blameless in his death, it’s fully on the murderous scumbags. But I want to warn people: if you are going to do ride share things in a big city, please please know the area you’re working in. It can be the difference between life and death. Makes me sad to say it, but that’s the truth of the situation right now, at least in Chi.