Hotel Maids of Reddit, What are some small things we can do before checking out of our rooms to make your lives easier?

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Not a housekeeper persay but ex hotel manager- Just leave it cleanish and don’t shit on anything. Everything gets cleaned regardless of what you do. Just don’t be an asshole. Also, housekeepers love thank you notes. Nor would you believe the joy they get when theres a couple bucks leftover clearly designated for them. I’ve seen plenty of hskprs cry over a couple bucks.


Used to be a housekeeper at a large hotel. Tips are always nice, even $2, but not necessary if you can’t afford it (I actually made very few tips at a luxury hotel). It’s our job to clean your room so don’t feel like you have to start the cleaning process but we generally only have 30 minutes per room so just don’t leave it in a disastrous state..If you actually want to make the job easier for a housekeeper, this is what I do: put garbage in the garbages. Empty water bottles and cans before putting them in the recycling bin. Consolidate ‘like’ items, so all towels can be dumped together in the bathtub. Throw out used amenities (soaps, shampoo, conditioner, coffee pods, used creamers) unless the hotel has some kind of recycling program for that stuff (ours did not). Put all the used cups and mugs together on a table. A tidy room and a thank you note with a couple bucks with make their day 🙂


Flush the toilets please. Leaving a toilet behind for me that looks like a lovely open septic tank is really just mean.


Grab your shit! Seriously, make sure you have all your shit with you before you leave the room. We’re not your mom.


I cleaned rooms for a 4 star hotel years and years ago, for a couple months. Placing the trash IN the trash cans is nice. Leaving food containers and cans and diapers strewn about the room isn’t polite and just because someone is “paid” to clean it up doesn’t mean it’s not disrespectful. Treat the room as if it were your own and YOU had to clean up after yourself. While I don’t think people should HAVE to leave a tip, leaving the room a shitshow with days and days of rotting food trash then tossing three pennies on the table is a huge slap to the face.