How are we supposed to start a conversation with someone we want to be friends with?

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“yo bro wanna talk pokemon” is the exact phrase I said to my now 3 closest friends


That is a Dale Carnegie trick. You just notice something about a person, and it can be anything. People like to talk about themselves. Interesting coat/gear, car, interesting lunch, nice looking dog, I see you in the gym all the time, what program do you follow? Not an inclusive list, but give them a head start. I am an introvert, and this has saved my ass again and again.


Find something in common with them. Compliment them. “Hey I keep seeing you here, where you from? I always thought you were funny.” Yada yada.


Me and my best friend have a funny story about this. We met at a birthday party and everyone was watching a movie. Me on one end of the croud, 5 people next.. this dude Fred. I said in the middle of the movie “I love you Fred” and he said “I love you too”. 9 years later we are still best friends and laugh at this memory. Love u fred ! Edit: thanks so much for the awards, it’s my first time getting one. Fred said hi to you all !


Small talk. You don’t have to go in guns blazing and immediately get deep. Just ask them about anything light and random.