How do you do it: afford kids

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As others have said, get out of HCOL area. Next question is, what is the breakdown of your combined income? Who earns what?


It sounds like the big issue are daycare costs I know some folks wait to have another once the older child is in kindergarten. Another method is to find cheaper child care. Would a babysitter watching both kids be cheaper than daycare for both, for example? If one of you want to be a stay at home parent, figure out what that would do tax wise. When I started staying at home, we redid my husband’s tax withholding and his take home went up.


I have two and currently expecting another, my kids wear hand me downs. We drive a 15 year old car and budget for everything. We don’t eat out a lot and if you are able to have flexibility at work with hours to help reduce childcare then go for it. I would say thinking creatively with budgeting will help.


Having 2 kids is not twice as expensive as 1 kid. You just do it.