Humans becoming the global apex predator instead of a physically superior species is probably the strongest evidence for the argument “brains over brawn”

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The biggest thing that separates humans from other animal species is their reflexivity. That is, their ability to be able to think deeply and reflect critically upon their own actions. Other animals can ask questions of ‘how’ or ‘where’ but humans are the only ones who preoccupy themselves with ‘why?’


Dat invention of language, baby!


I’d argue that the distinct advantage we have over wild animals is tools. If I put you in a pit with a bear, both naked, you’re dead. If I put you in the same pit, but you have an axe, maybe not so dead.


Human beings are predicated on being on being predators. It’s essentially human nature and confirmed by evolution, e.g, survival of the fittest sometimes the ‘fittest’ will gorge itself on something else to survive. As we all do by eating.


That is brains over brawn