I think AAPL is at its peak and starts to show bearish signs

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Short term bearish in an uncertain market. Long term bullish, they have a loyal customer base, and even if they aren’t always first with innovation, they have a spin they put on it that makes it unique to their brand


it’s apple. apple releases something, half the god damn world buys it. i don’t like their products personally but i invest because other people sure do. matter of fact, *it’s all they can physically bring themselves to use*. you don’t bet against that kind of addiction. short term, yea maybe but i don’t think it’s going back to 90. i’ve been holding and people have been telling me “back to 80” since before december. they were wrong and the target has apparently moved up even among them. very weak bear cases on apple. apple might as well be heroin to a large part of the populace.


Being a contrarian is one thing, but this is silly. Their product pipeline is just going to get better. M1X MacBook Pro refresh with rumored more ports (this is huge), MagSafe, better screen, etc. Lots of people have been holding out for this upgrade. The M1 Mac mini has been selling super well. The new AirTags (not my thing) will be a hit and probably has huge margins. The iPhone has been pretty stagnant but if Apple introduces Touch ID again (probably in-screen or a button like iPad Pro) that will be big for a lot of people. AirPods alone bring in 12 billon a year (more than AMD and Nvida’s total 2020 revenue). Nothing bearish about Apple’s future.


Lol, nah.


ControlTheNarrative could tell you the cost of betting against AAPL. They’re the worlds most valuable company for a reason.