“I Was There When House Took Over,” (2018) documentary which delves into the history of house music. Featuring legends such as Nile Rodgers, Marshall Jefferson and Honey Dijon. [00:40:23]

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24 Hour Party People has some good info on it, too. Edit: Didn’t realize this one completely ignores what was happening on the other side of the pond. These guys seem more like a fork from hip-hop, not “house” as old-school ravers think of it.


I remember house before house was a documentary.


There’s a scene in the Netflix show “The Stranger” where this man in his 50s makes a comment about getting high and listening to acid house when he was young. I had to think about that for a second because for some reason, I always think House music was invented just last decade. I forget I’ve been listening to House for 20 years already. Then I realize how old I am. Then I feel the need to get high and bop my head to some deep House beats.


For those interested the BBC did a doc called Pump up the Volume that has 3 parts and in my opinion is the best Piece on Dance music. Source – A DJ from Chicago.


I was a club DJ at that time, the breakout hits that took it mainstream in 89 were bangers and still are. It was a phenomenal energy that made club life so memorable.