If cars would disappear, the radio would have an uncertain future

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I mean, it already does, how many people still listen to the radio nowadays, with Bluetooth or aux plug ins it can’t be too many people


Do you mean radio stations or the device? If you mean radio stations i would say they are already dead. I have siris xm- once a month it updayes and i listen to a local radio station for about 30min on my way to work. 25 min of commercials = one shitty song.


I listen to the radio every single day while driving. Mostly news discussion programmes, not the music stations. I find that when I’m on my way to work (40 mins drive), the best way to prepare for the day is to listen to people discussing the news and news backgrounds. Music is better for the way home.


Isn’t the radio already dead? I mean, video already killed the radio star


I dont think that cars are at risk of disappearing any time soon. And while in-car entertainment systems have changed and evolved over the years from just radio to 8 track to cassette to CD then mp3 / aux / SD, Bluetooth, wifi streaming…etc one thing that has remained consistent in all of these iterations is an AM/FM receiver.