Italy shocked as infamous Mafia boss Giovanni Brusca is freed after 25 years – he’s responsible for the murder of hundreds, including melting a child in a vat of acid

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Wouldn’t he now be targeted by the mob since he was a rat?


The Mafia are Devils. The movies aren’t able to capture how cruel they are. Unfortunately, they have power.


Not to detract from the monstrosity, but just to be clear, the child had already been murdered and the acid was used to dispose of the body.


We don’t know how many people he killed, but he said it’s less than 200 and more than 100. So, if we use an average of 150 people, then he spent in prison 2 months for each of them. Edit: Just to add to how fucked up this is. 2 months is only the 8% of the time (25 months) Giuseppe di Matteo (kid dissolved in acid) suffered from his abduction to his murder. Edit 2: A lot of people seem confused to why he’s out, so I did some research (correct me if I’m wrong). He is “free” because of a law which helps them make a deal with the government for informations about the insides of the mafia organizations. According to some people, these collaborations between the pentiti and the government is one, if not the only, way the government gets concrete results because a lot of people were arrested thanks to them. Also, it’s important to note that one of the people who wanted this law was Giovanni Falcone. He was the judge killed by Giovanni Brusca who is now released from prison.


I ensure you Italy is not shocked. Brusca was a “collaboratore di giustizia”, an informator who helped capturing and sending to jail several bosses and Mafia’s lieutenant in these years cooperating with secret services and police. This type of collaboration (and discount in jail years) was supported and strengthened by Giovanni Falcone, one of the Italian heroes of antimafia, murdered by the very same Giovanni Brusca in 1992. To answer to some questions here below, yes, Brusca will be protected against Mafia’s retaliations with an Italian secret services protection program.