Joe Biden expands investment ban on blacklisted Chinese tech companies

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But Fox News told me Biden was under the thumb of Xi.


Cant find the names of the blacklisted companies anywhere…. All articles across news sites only give a report, but dont list out the names. Seems like the linked article in this post MIGHT have a list but it’s behind a paywall… wtf is this bs honestly, so frustrating


But members of senate and congress can still buy Raytheon stocks, right? 🤡🌎


Gotta ban that competition


Hmmm, mixed feeling. One one hand, China makes it very difficult for foreign business to operate domestically. So it’s funny when they face such barriers too. But this is a straight up blacklist (though I presume China also has theirs). The CCP definitely financially support their important industries. But the US does something similar through large subsidies on industries and rewarding them with important contracts (fuckton of money).