‘Just Give People Money’: Study Finds Covid Survival Checks Reduced Food Insecurity, Alleviated Anxiety – “It turns out, relieving a lot of everyday hardship can be done very simply and directly by giving poor people money and support. Who knew?”

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I work for an international NGO. After 40 years we have just started realizing that in most cases giving direct cash assistance to people in need is faster, easier and more effective than providing traditional aid. One of the main obstacles we have faced in this transition is the idea of “otherness” and lack of trust that people in need are capable of making rational and smart choices for themselves and their families. Try to put yourself in the shoes of those in need however, and you will quickly realize how much sense cash assistance makes.


I think you’re being sarcastic. However, I’d just like to point out that there’s study’s from decades ago that show this exact same thing. We put so much emphasis on “othering” people that we can’t put ourselves in their shoes. Just fucking help people. Ugh


If only whey treated people like big corparations and bailed us out when we needed it


Because it makes us feel better to imagine poor people are poor because they do not use their money wisely, and that’s why we would never become poor. Therefore we should not give poor people money directly or they will not use it wisely.


When you live in a culture founded on the principle that poverty is always and only a moral failure and that wealth is always and only a sign of moral triumph, the idea of Universal Basic Income is beyond absurd. That’s why it’s never going to happen in the US, period. Same with Universal Healthcare, particularly taxpayer-funded healthcare. In American culture, the poor and sick are poor and sick because they deserve to be.