Kremlin critic Navalny loses bid to end sleep deprivation ‘torture’. Maintains designation as a flight risk

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Why is ‘torture’ in quotes? Is the implication that using chronic sleep deprivation to break someone doesn’t count as *real* torture? Does anyone who feels that way want to volunteer to try it out for a couple of weeks? Anyone?


I’m amazed he’s still alive. The balls on him


A flight risk? The dude voluntarily went back knowing exactly what he was in for. That’s a joke.


Sleep deprivation isn’t ‘torture’ it’s torture. It’s a pretty important difference. Anyone who’s been exposed to it knows how fucking god awful it is. It’s actually one of the worst methods of torture there is.


The use of “bid” in headlines is getting about as bad as “slams” lately. “Bid” is a bunch of journalistic fluff. “Navalny loses appeal” or “Navalny loses fight” tells a much more compelling story.