Kuwait to jail, fine anyone who deals with Israel

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In support of Palestinians. Extremely Rich coming from a nation that expelled nearly half a million Palestinians and whose residents painted grafitti like “A Good Palestinian is a Dead Palestinian” during the Gulf War. But then again, we have seen this before .Gadaffi pretending to support the Palestinians, expels them when they try to make peace with Israel. Egypt letting them in, then treating them as second class citizens. Iraq and Kuwait behaving in the exact same manner. Saudi Arabia giving every other nationality that had lived there for 20 years citizenship….except for Palestinians.


That’s not news though it’s always been the case


Siding with Kuwait during Desert Shield was the biggest misstep in mid-east affairs in 40 years. Kuwait is a human rights abomination that still practices slavery. Iraq was a dictatorship but it was at least a reliable US ally and its people were reasonably prosperous (if not violently suppressed when rebelling against Saddam). ​ Siding with the slave state of Kuwait set the stage for crushing Iraq and empowering Iran to become a troublesome regional power with no other regional powers capable of checking them.


Cool mask tho


A Muslim country forbidding dealings with a Jewish country. What a surprise.