Like our shadows are 2d projections of us we might be 3D projections of 4d beings.

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We are… you at the present is a representation of you along your journey through life, a single point in time of a 4th dimensional being.


People without sentiments own the universe


Okay, I agree. The fourth dimension of us kind of looks like a Play-Doh push out version about that is unimaginably long and constantly contorting and moving and changing to different positions as its makes its way across every step, road, and path you’ve ever traveled. Funny thing, this giant ever stretching creature starts very small and it begins at your mother’s vagina, which is a still within the giant snake motion creature that is your mom. I really wish I could draw this. Think of the motion blur that occurs in poorly encoded mp4, especially in early VLC. Time is the fourth dimension. And as we move through this dimension, I believe it’s like a everlasting blur and the individual self that we see in real time is a snapshot or a shadow of that blur. Unfortunately we can only see ourselves in the now, right this moment.


I dont think that’s how it works cause shadows are attached to us. I think you mean 4d beings would have 3d shadows


That’s where DMT comes in, my friend.