Low trust in government, conspiracy beliefs and watching YouTube predicts vaccine hesitancy. Information is often presented by non-experts, with limited fact checking, making it difficult to gauge the accuracy or balance the information

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I love how the added “watching youtube” like it’s some sort of character flaw


I have no problem with the vaccine, nor an affinity for conspiracies, but a massive lack of trust in the government. Who doesn’t these days?


They want to return to normal so bad yet taking the vaccine is what is going to let us return to normal and they are obstructing us


The problem is, the mainstream news only get experts on that fit their narrative. Ever hear a master builder talk about flammable cladding? A union rep talk about worker’s rights? No. But you’ve heard them pick a covid advisor that’s one of the government’s mouthpieces. What else are people going to do?


Same can be said of the media!