LPT: During salary negotiation, always ask for salary range. Prepare some raw salary figures based on your experience and salaries listed on sites like Ambitionbox. Recruiters will always try for lower pay scale in contrast to the pay scale they actually offer to their employees Careers & Work

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It’d be nice if organizations were so transparent with salary ranges to hand them out on request.


That hasn’t been my experience. I’ve found that it’s best to know your worth, what the local economy supports, and just ask for the higher end of that, if you’re worth it. For example, I work in IT. I look up what my position makes in my city and I tell them that I’d like $X where ‘X’ is near the top of the reported range based on my experience. Employers almost always offer slightly less than that number if they want you to work for them. If you have no or little experience, expect to be near the lower end of that range. It never hurts to ask for more than you think you’re worth, but going too far out of what’s normal for your are for your experience will likely get you removed from consideration. On the other end, I’m currently a hiring manager hiring for two positions in IT ranging from $70K to $115K, depending on experience. We don’t report a salary range if we’re asked by potential employees. We simply tell them that it’s competitive and will depend on experience. We then ask them for their salary requirements. Just today, filled one of the positions by giving the guy exactly what he asked for, but it was above the range that I had authorized. I fought for the additional money because his experience was worth it and he nailed the interview. One LPT from me, don’t lowball yourself. I’ve lost out to at least one opportunity to make a lot more money by giving the recruiter too low an estimate. I told the recruiter that my requirements were my current pay + $10K (as a number) and the position was a good bit more than I was currently making. Even though my resume fit on paper and I had a lot of relevant experience, I took myself out of the running by asking for too little.


In my experience if you ask for the low end, it hurts your chances because what you’re telling the potential employer is “even I don’t think I’m as qualified as other candidates.”


I just got hired and they gave me the highest of the range right off the bat. I am happy with that.