LPT: Fix your posture. It could change your life.

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What did you do specifically to improve posture?


Absolutely seconded. I went to a physiotherapist for the first time in my life because of pain in my arm. Turns out it’s nerve staring from my terrible neck posture. Bring more aware of how I sit and stand plus some exercises he has given me have improved the following things tremendously: 1)the pain in my forearms 2) headaches 3) ibs type symptoms 4) headaches 5) tmd 6) lung capacity 7) general soreness. As someone living with those things consistently for most of my life I felt so dumb that my lazy posture was causing most of it.


My dad use to scold me when I was a child for having improper posture. I’m 26 now realising its6 importance


I was literally thinking about posting something similar yesterday. I have a really bad Lateral Pelvic Tilt (one hip higher than the other) that I have developed since I was a child from bad posture especially when sleeping (I always preferred sleeping on one side and tilting my pelvis in a weird way). My parents never believed that there was something wrong with me even tho I would always come home from school in pain if I did sports that day. Then when I was old enough to get my self checked I went and saw a therapist and sure enough I get told that my pelvis is crooked and it’s been getting worse for years. This tilt has affected my whole body from head to toes and it has made the simplest daily activities incredibly painful for myself. Please keep an eye on your posture guys and teach your kids the correct way to do things, it really is a life saver! And do some stretches every now and then 😀 Thank you for posting this dear OP 😀