LPT: If someone lets you borrow their vehicle give it back to them in better condition than you received it.

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Even just fill it with gas, some people are very particular about how their car gets washed and would be upset if you put it through a car wash. Depends on the person/car.


Note to anyone borrowing my car: please don’t try to wash it, especially at a cheap car wash.


This goes for ANYTHING borrowed. It’s your job to to return it. I shouldn’t have to track you down, and show some appreciation.


I would worry that little eyglass screw I dropped and was going to hunt for later, before I vacuumed my *own* car out, was gone because you’re trying too hard to be nice, and caused me losses instead. I probably also use a particular wax and do not want my vehicle put through an automated wash system due to possibility of damage versus hand-washed. So you would also make me angry that way. Never assume everyone else thinks your help is help, and think a few steps past assuming everyone treats their stuff the same way you do. Definitely can offer to do so though but never do it as a surprise. It won’t be “the thought that counts” it will be “the overstepping of bounds that counts”.