LPT: “we’re a family here” companies are a huge red flag

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The day after my girlfriend died unexpectedly, I asked for time off from work. At first they were all “take as much time as you need. We’re all a family here.” Less than a week later (two days, actually), they were telling me they’d “hired me for a reason” and that I’m “being really exaggerated” with how much time I’ve taken off (which is still less than two weeks).


It’s an intentional boundary crossing meant to redraw the line in your head of what is and is not appropriate.


I had an interview for a job that required five years of experience (along with another five years of project management experience) for an entry-level position. When they mentioned the piss poor salary, I told them that I think they were trying to get a mid- or senior-level employee but only willing to offer an entry level package. That’s when they broke out the “we’re all one big family” bullshit. Needless to say we didn’t move forward.


It is also used as a way to blur work/life boundaries such as the execrable ‘working lunch’.