LPT: When buying a car from a dealership ask them to remove any decals or badging they have applied to the car.

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If they refuse, ask them to drop the price, if they won’t you can always walk away before signing anything.


Sold cars for a long time and always hated when the dealership would put their name on my car. I always took it off. Always looks tacky.


I am not American, but I work in a group of cardealerships, and we put our cpmpany stickers only for test drive cars and replacement cars. When these cars are sold, we naturally remove them before delivering to the client, it’s not even a favour but just normal to give to the client a stickerless car So I don’t know if it was an American thing to let them even when sold ?


I don’t really care about a small badge somewhere on the windscreen or something, who cares. What I do care about though, and this happened a few years ago, I purchased my car brand new from Mazda and it came with a little sticker in the middle of the back window saying I purchased it from such and such Mazda. After a few years, I took the car in to be serviced at my local mechanic, they REMOVED the Mazda sticker and put their own on.