LPT: You don’t need to take the edge off of every day.

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Yes – this is so true. It’s like letting a baby keep using a pacifier forever. You have to learn to relax (or ‘self-soothe’ to continue the baby comparison) without turning to a substance. Super important!


I quit weed a little over a month ago. I have had a large quality improvement. Weed kept me numb and okay with being bored, since it was about the high mainly. I would have some every day. Just got very high and numb, then ate and slept. Became too much of a routine, I had to break it. Feel much more motivated and energized these days without it.


Would change the title! You absolutely should take the edge off every day – with a walk, meditation, alone time with your thoughts, dancing, an evening shower, some good music, etc. Do not let the stress and tension build ignored until it leaks out in other areas of your life. Also don’t cover it up with bad coping mechanisms like drinking because then you have built up stress AND a problem. Edit: fair enough re: splitting hairs with OP, who does write about positive routines.


I’ve been really trying to do this lately. I used to come home every day, smoke right away, then veg out for 6 hours before bed. Sometimes I got things done, but most days I was just being lazy. A few weeks ago I started coming home and instantly doing all my chores (dishes, laundry, cleaning, mowing the yard), then I take some time for myself and do some art or writing. I still usually end the day with a little smoke, but it gets easier and easier to “put it off” and I don’t feel like I “have to” get high right when I get home. Plus, I just feel better about my life being clean and organized. I definitely enjoy a little toke to end the day, but 6 hours of smoking and binge watching TV everyday was a hard hole to climb out of.