Man blinded by bean bag during Cleveland racial protest sues

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This is wild: “Sanders crossed a street next to the Cuyahoga County Justice Center to snap photographs and was struck by a bean bag fired from behind a broken window as he began to walk away, the complaint said.” So it sounds like the cops were just sniping protestors from abandoned buildings? That is insane.


Good. Fucking cops know that head shots are potentially lethal with those and yet aim for the face on purpose. With regular firearms they train to fire at center mass, so no reason for all of the missing eyes.


What’s up with the wooden projectiles mentioned near the end? Is there a police weapon that fires wood bullets or are they accusing the police of using something like modified shotgun shells?


END QUALIFIED IMMUNITY If a police officer is doing something blatantly illegal, outside of normal operating procedures they should be open to both criminal and civil suits. In other countries guess what? You beat the hell out of people, you literally get sued for bodily damages. Make it a penalty for beating people senseless for minor offenses. A penalty is not “resigning and rejoining the force two towns over”. What really frustrates me is the fact that the Supreme Court ruled Police have “zero obligation to protect” They literally have to acknowledge “yes I will protect you” for them to be bothered protecting normal civilians. How mental is that?


“Lourie had received no training in use of non-lethal weapons before being handed the bean bag shotgun on May 30, 2020, a violation of departmental policy that requires such training, the lawsuit said.”