Maybe crazy homeless people aren’t crazy, they’re just so used to being completely ignored that they’ve reasonably concluded that they are invisible even when they masturbate in the middle of traffic

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If you conclude that you are invisible and therefore should take advantage of your ability by jerking off on the sidewalk, you are crazy regardless of how you arrived at the conclusion.


I have a feeling you saw this character.


Maybe God is only speaking to them and they are the chosen ones. They cant handle that responsibility so they go crazy.


Not having a roof over their head, being ignored, or worse, being looked down upon by people would do a toll on anyone’s mental health. The crazier they get, the worse their living conditions would be. It’s a sad vicious cycle.


My old pal Crisco, some call him a vegetable shortening , was not satisfied with slapping the donkey with painted ladies when nobody was watching. He felt up and drilled a homeless broad in the back of his V-dub. The constipation with the motion of his obsidian was bound to be explosive , Crisco would find out that being barefoot in the city was a worry