Microsoft Irish subsidiary paid zero corporate tax on £220bn profit last year – Microsoft Round Island One is ‘tax resident’ in Bermuda with no employees except directors

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As long as business can have as profound of a lobbying impact as such, there will always be a way around or to pay SIGNIFICANTLY less tax than is originally intentioned. Don’t tell me that there was just a convenient go around FOUND OUT about and used for decades by house hold known multinationals.


Taxes are for little people that can’t afford lawyers, accountants & tax havens. Got it.


Wait Microsoft made 220bn profits last year? That’s not in their sec files I’m I missing something here?


This article is a bunch of nonsense, 220 billions in profits?! They weren’t even close to 200 billion en revenue, much less profit.


Blame loop holes and tax haven countries. Imagine the amount of positive infrastructure the Ireland would have with that much tax flowing into their country.