Microsoft Irish subsidiary paid zero corporate tax on £220bn profit last year

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The problem is not Microsoft or any other corporation. Its the Government. Its the politicians. We cannot fix corporations without fixing the government. So focus on that.


Can anyone explain how an “Irish subsidiary” can be “tax resident in Bermuda“? I knew of these companies in Ireland to pay the low Irish corporate tax, but this is the first time I hear of a company subject to Bermuda corporate tax of zero.


Considering the fact that Microsoft worldwide only had $44 billion in profit last year, no they didn’t.


Another article not understand how taxes work. Even the 300b profit on 140b revenue is already laughable.


I had a look through the financials, most of the “profit” seems to be from the IP transfer from one MSFT entity to another. Basically they are shifting domicile of IP for future tax benefits as far as I understand. Any other tax /accounting guys to comment.