Officer convicted of breaking the law wants out of prison because “the system is broken”

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I filled-in the blanks on his lawyer’s statement. >”In the eyes of the public, Mr. Chauvin has been reduced to this incident [murder], and he has been painted as a dangerous man [convicted, felony murder],” Nelson wrote. “However, behind the politics, Mr. Chauvin is still a human being [one that got caught murdering]. Before this incident [murder] occurred, Mr. Chauvin was an average man with a loving family and close friends. He was a husband, stepfather, uncle, brother, and son.”


Like they always say; If you can’t do the time don’t do the crime.


Well, boo hoo. The system is broken. Guess who helped break it?


Nah, he’s right where he needs to be.


The epitome of white privilege and the double standard. It’s ok to drop charges on the poor and minorities for petty crimes but a white officer somehow deserves special treatment after being convicted of serious offenses 🙄😒