Oregon governor signs bill banning guns at Capitol, requiring safe storage at home

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“Now wait, nobody says you can’t own a gun. Nobody’s even saying you can’t carry a gun. All we’re saying is you can’t carry one in town. Now that’s not so much to ask, is it?” – Virgil Earp in Tombstone


That outta trigger some folks. No pun intend-; aw what the hell, it’s a good pun.


Being from Oregon…. Conservatives are going apeshit. They have been trying to recall Governor Brown for ***YEARS***! When a simple mask mandate, not even law, was issued people lost their minds. Any discussion of gun control is absolutely out of the question and likely to get you hurt. To put this into more perspective; we still have the Hatfield and McCoy families alive here. Hell, my name is derived from the .308 round. *”Voter fraud? Yup, that is why these bills passed.”* is a common sentiment. SMDH


Cue all the Eastern county reps walking in to the chamber with bazookas as a response.


Could you imagine if DC didn’t have gun control measures in place on Jan 6?