Organizers of a Memorial Day ceremony turned off a speaker’s microphone when the former U.S. Army officer began talking about how freed Black slaves had honored fallen soldiers soon after the Civil War

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*Cindy Suchan, chair of the Memorial Day parade committee and president of the Hudson American Legion Auxiliary, said it was either her or Jim Garrison, adjutant of the American Legion Post 464, who turned down the audio, the reported.* Cindy ya bitch either fess up or blame someone else lol


My Great Grandmother told me when I was five years old that “*Racism is a mental disorder. It’s the most amount of hate for the least amount of reason*.” I promised her I would have nothing to do with it. And I never have.


“So this army vet on memorial day wants to tell a two minute story about the history of memorial day…..” *Ok sure “…involving black people” **White woman intensifies*


> Kemter said he was disappointed that the organizers silenced two minutes of his 11-minute speech, during which he talked about how former slaves and freed Black men exhumed the remains of more than 200 Union soldiers from a mass grave in Charleston, South Carolina, and gave them a proper burial. If this offends you, your hood is showing.


>But organizers of the ceremony in Hudson, Ohio, said that part of the speech was not relevant to the program’s theme of honoring the city’s veterans. It’s about the history of the holiday, you dipshits. This was a seriously bad move.