Over 45 Dogs Saved From Overcrowded Texas Shelters and Flown to Forever Homes in Oregon

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This happens constantly. Thousands upon thousands of dogs are shipped north, because there are so many more ‘unwanted’ dogs in the south. We recently did a story on a group that transports ~260 dogs from Georgia to New Jersey every 4 weeks, and they’ve been doing it for 10 years.


Rescuer here in Texas, several dozen of my fosters were adopted and now live in the Northeast.


We have a rescue group in our area that brings up a van load of dogs from TX every couple of weeks, it’s crazy how many strays they have down there


what the hell is going on in texas and the south? i live in atlantic canada (east coast) and theres dozens of dogs up here that came from texas.


We do love our rescue dogs here in OR.