People on Amazon who answer a question about a product with “I don’t own one of these so I don’t know” What is your reasoning?

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I don’t know. I haven’t done that


Blame Amazon for responses like this. When you purchase something and someone then asks a question about it, it will send you a message saying that “User12345 has a question for you about ProductABCDE”. This leads people to believe that the question was directed specifically to them and they feel obliged to respond (which is exactly what Amazon wants to happen). The downside of this system is a bunch of people answering “I don’t know”


My guess: they think the asker messaged them directly and they answer to not be rude. They don’t realize the system is automated.


I was once looking at some questions and answers of a product on amazon I wanted to buy. I saw a question where a guy asked: What are the dimensions of this?” Someone replied, “I don’t know, no more questions please.”


My favorites are the morons who rate a product with one star because something delayed or went wrong with shipping. Super helpful.