People who have been to jails what’s something movies get wrong about them ?

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Whistling in jail. You will get yelled at by other people, shit travels through the pipes and sounds awful.


The sheer boredom….and everyone there actually pretty nice, but damn it was boring as hell.


I went to jail and didn’t get raped. My cellmates were really chill and we all respected each other.


Spent a weekend in a “bucket cell” in Hilo, Hawaii a couple years before the decrepit old jail was torn down. 1. Was not strip searched. 2. Cop found mj leaves (from the field) in my jacket. Tossed it out the window. 3. Treated with courtesy and respect by guards and inmates alike. 4. Cell was just a bunk with a bucket of water to use for a toilet. Bedding was gross. 5. Food was great. 6. Arrested Friday night, arraigned Monday morning, only prisoner out of about a dozen who was not released on own recognizance. $50 bail for failure to appear on a parking violation. Bailed out with a court date… 7. Went home and burned the clothes I was wearing. 8. Fought the ticket, saying that I mistakenly paid a different ticket. Prosecutor told judge she “had no reason to doubt my word”. Found innocent. The jail was a pretty mellow place. No fights anywhere. I guess it was holding about 20 guys at the time. I had a friend who spent 30 days there, and he’d been in several Mainland jails, and said Hilo was the only one where he could sleep on his stomach.


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