QAnon Already Has 19 Candidates Running for Congress in 2022

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> But Florida, home to former President Donald Trump, stands out: five of the 19 QAnon candidates are running for seats in the state. Shocking.


Why do these articles always fail to make the point that the end goal of Qanon is the public, televised mass murder of their political opponents? These people are not harmless fucking clowns; they literally want to overthrow the government and murder people at will.


It really is incredibly easy to run for office as a Republican in a red state. Tweet out Bible quotes. Shoot random inanimate objects and/or helpless animals on video. Regurgitate whichever inane conspiracy theory is en vogue on right wing social media. Get elected.


There is no basement in the pizza place. Matt Gaetz is a child trafficker. QAnon is just another church at this point.


This is really bad