Researchers have found out that covid 19pandemic has impacted the environment positively. They have noted that this year the greenhouse gas emission would decline and reduce global warming. With prove of satellite images, which shows that the air quality has improved immensely, they’re confident.

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This is clear Proof that humans are the primary factor in global warming and that doom is not inevitable. Sadly, I imagine some will be troubled if the public realizes we have hope and options.


That is one hell of a title. It’s been really weird to see the increase in traffic over the last few weeks. In March, my street and neighborhood would get noticably busier around “rush hour” but the increase in traffic was pretty negligible. Start of June and there is a serious increase in cars, with the stop n go extending to maybe 10x what it was a few months ago


Incomprehensible title and article. ‘Intact’ ecosystem?


I’m glad to read this, although unfortunately it’s just a temporary effect, cities never really stopped and the traffic in some of them in the middle of the pandemic was as bad as it was before and some many others factors as the wildfires. I only hope a real change can come with the arrival of the EV’s on a large scale in a few years.


Theres absolutely no way the pandemic had any effect on CC. If you think it did you dont understand the problem of CC.