[serious] What was the most horrific thing you have ever seen?

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When I was 5 I watched my dad dive in to the swimming pool he built in our backyard and break his neck. He became a quadriplegic. Then I had to watch him slowly fade away and die over the next 20 years. I watched everyone of his friends abandon him, and his family members slowly start to resent him, and then openly talk about how they will be relieved when he’s gone. Even his mother.


My mother dying in my arms after 7 days of writhing in pain for what she thought would be a quick Tylenol PM suicide. I will never be whole again. I don’t go a day without it being a part of my life. Edit: Holy shit. I woke up in the middle of the night to all of this love, gifts, and all. Thank you to everyone for all of the kind words and for wishing my family and me peace in all of this. To clear up a thing or two and explain the whole nightmare (there are some valid questions and speculations): she downed the bottle after she and I had a very unpleasant argument on the phone during a time when she and my father were going through a very rough patch. She struggled her entire life with multiple personality disorder, “switched”, and did it. My words to her had never been anything other than kind and careful, and I raised my voice at her for the first time in my adult life. When I hung up and calmed down, I came back to earth and realized how dangerous that could be for her, called her back, and she didn’t remember our conversation. Easy the next morning, I got the call from my sister. Mom was unconscious. They found the bottle, she was rushed to the hospital, and we all got there immediately. They went through all of the motions, and we all thought that this was just another failed attempt, as we experienced dozens of times during my life. Unfortunately, the acetaminophen in the drug was too much and when the sleep aid wore off, she still didn’t come to. She was in the ICU the rest of the time, slowly experiencing liver failure and we all took shifts holding her until it was clear that her systems were all shutting down. I learned on Christmas Eve, 4 days after that night we spoke on the phone, that it was physiologically impossible for her to survive given her liver enzyme count. She was gone 3 days later. I didn’t know that anything could hurt that badly. I’ve really been feeling it lately. I don’t know if it helps me to tell this story or not, but I don’t know what else to do with this horror. So thanks for giving me this chance to spill it on the floor for y’all.


I saw a dude die after t-boning a minivan on his motorcycle. I didn’t actually see the impact but I heard it, and ran to the scene and watched him take his last breaths while his buddy who must have been riding behind him, held him and screamed. People that saw it said he was in the wrong and must have been doing 80+ in a 45. The van was pulling into a shopping center and never saw him coming.


In real life: a really fucked up kid killed a bird and smeared its guts on a slide at the local park. I was a little kid, and it messed me up for a while, Online: that recent suicide livestream of a man shooting himself in the head that kept getting posted to Tik Tok and YouTube. My daughter, in Grade 5 at the time, told me that some boys in her class had seen it. Ten year olds.


I’ve witnessed two people impact the ground after jumping (suicide) to their deaths, one landed about 6 feet in front of me. These were years apart. I’ve also held a lady’s hand while she was trapped in her car after an auto accident. She died holding my hand. Pretty horrific.