Sinema Lambasted for Claiming Filibuster ‘Protects’ Democracy as It’s Used to Block Voting Rights Bill | “It’s completely insane that some Dems (ahem Manchin/Sinema) would rather keep the Jim Crow filibuster than stop an avalanche of Jim Crow 2.0 voter suppression laws.”

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I think I would honestly be less infuriated with Manchin and Sinema for defending the filibuster on historical grounds if they demonstrated any kind of understanding of its actual history. They’re supporting a legislative rule that was literally created by accident, has a horrible history of impeding some of the most important legislation in our nation’s history and whose use in recent times has absolutely skyrocketed And now it’s all anonymous. There is no defense of your ideals. No courage of your convictions. No lonely principled stand against a dangerous idea from a majority who have not perhaps seen as clearly the danger that you yourself perceive… Nope, all you have to do is have one of your staffers respond to the email chain that goes around asking “anybody want to filibuster this one?” And the bill gets killed and no one ever even has to know it was you. Sinema and Manchin are supporting the legislative equivalent of MAGA. They want to go back to a time that never existed and are actively making things worse by trying.


I voted for Kristen Sinema because I thought she would be progressive…… she is nothing but an inbred, Republican in Democrat clothing


And for the 3rd time in two months it’s become painfully obvious that she is a republican, through and through.


The idea that 40% of Senate can block anything when the Senate is already not an equal representative body is the opposite of protecting democracy.


Kelly is soooo much better. I reject the narrative that she has to be shitty b/c she is from Arizona. Biden won this state with his platform, she can do better.