Snowflake CEO Says Worker Merit Should Outweigh Diversity Goals

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Ha, the company is really called Snowflake? I thought this was just a derogatory article title.


**Pro Tip:** The CEO is, without a doubt, 110% correct in this instance.


He’s correct. Diversity just for the sake of diversity just gets watered-down results.


It is really disturbing that the idea that someone should be hired based on merit rather than on the color of their skin / sexual orientation / gender is now considered controversial enough to warrant a news article.


I don’t disagree in theory. However I suspect a lot of people that think they have a meritocracy don’t. They have no idea where their implicit biases manifest in their hiring practices, and they think they are picking the best candidates when really they are picking the best candidates from a limited selection of people that resemble senior leadership. For example if your company only hires what you call “the best” and doesn’t train up and promote up your junior staff or have positions open for entry level people, I will guarantee that company has a diversity problem and you are certainly not picking people on merit.