Some ISPs Exploited Covid Broadband Relief Program to Make an Extra Buck – While the $3.2 billion program provides relief to struggling Americans, some ISPs are abusing it to make an additional buck during a crisis.

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Charter are run by genuinely evil humans. Really not sure how their execs don’t get publicly named and shamed. LLCs are made up of people.


> exploited covid broadband relief program The guy who formerly ran the FCC was a former ISP lawyer. One might even speculate that this program was established to allow the big companies to do exactly that! Before 2016 we were on track to classify broadband services as a utility and then regulate them like your water or electricity, which would have avoided the above, but then a bunch of crooked people took over and ran everything into the ground.


Trillions of dollars went to the friends of the people writing the checks. Every crisis is a grift opportunity for those in power.


25-ish years of fees on telecom bills that were supposed to fund rural broadband and low-income schools. That money was just plain pocketed by the telecoms. I worked for a large networking vendor back in the day, and the only way you could qualify to sell to the schools to use E-Rate money was basically to be a large telecom. They fleeced the hell out of the school systems, who were just grateful to get *something*. Completely expect that this new money will get absorbed and re-distributed as profit to the execs and shareholders. And probably be accompanied by more layoffs and outsourcing.


As per-usual no one will see jail time for taking advantage of a crisis.