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Yes… its something in the air, you can almost taste it.


El-Erian one of the smartest guys on The Street speaketh the truth.


Tracking heavily shorted stocks is now the way.


Dude need to trim the eyebrows…


The system is breaking and imo will be replaced with digital currencies, smart contracts, dApps, web 3.0, decentralized finance… this is the beginning. Look at what is being done with cardano in Africa, with ethereum in India. Look at retail investors collaborating and telling the markets what investors actually value. We’ve had about 50 years of top down decision making and it doesn’t work when the decision making is being made by people who don’t understand how the system works from top to bottom and back to the top, and honestly, who can? It’s a massive amount of data and we cannot keep up with the needed calculations anymore. We want to pay rent or own land, we want to afford healthy food, we want to give our children an education, we want to spend our time working on the things that are interesting to us, we want to be able to pay for medical care. The majority of people agree on those topics, where we all disagree is how to go about paying for it. I say let the computers figure it out so we can enjoy our lives. I’m cool with mining silicone on the moon to make it happen. Beam me up I’ll contribute.